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Please consider the following general links below.  For links by specialized category, utilize the drop down menu on the left.


Offers a wide variety of information including pet care, poison control, behavior and much more.

Calcitriol Reference for dogs and cats

Medication for use in chronic renal failure cats and dogs.

Colorado State Animal Cancer Center

Cancer information from Colorado State University

Companion Animal Parasite Counsel

Information on parasites of dogs and cats and their control.

Ecology Works

Dealing with house dust mites and other environmental allergens.

Veterinary Partner

Sponsored by Veterinary Information Network for the layman; this website is a reliable up to date source of information on animal health care.

Pet Health Topics

Animal health topics from A to Z.

Vet Med Center

Very informative site about pet health care, nutrition, and behavior.


Explains the importance of spaying and neutering your pet from both a health and behavioral perspective.