Montclair Animal Hospital

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Cat Wellness

Caring for your feline


Feline CRF

What you should know about chronic renal failure in cats.


The Daily Cat

Sponsored by Friskies- a guide to understanding, caring for and loving your cat!


Your Diabetic Cat

Dedicated to better management and prevention of diabetes in cats.


Feline Diabetes

Treating and managing a kitty with diabetes


Indoor Cat Initiative

Sponsored by Ohio State to enhance the quality of life for the indoor cat.


Cornell University Feline Health

A variety of how to videos including brushing your cats teeth, how to pill a cat, administering liquid medications, trimming your cats nails, as well as guides to cancer, diabetes and kidney disease.


Training a kitten to love nail trims.

A video by Dr. Sophia Yin


American Association of Feline Practitioners

Training and educational material for our furry felines.


CATalyst Council

A website dedicated to improving the heath and welfare of cats through education.